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For what does the online shop kawaii-heaven.com stand for?

Kawaii Heaven is an online store which provides clothes in the kawaii fashion style. The clothes and
items are mostly just available in asian countries.
So Kawaii Heaven wants to make this style globally available.

But what does Kawaii Fashion actually mean?
At first we have to look further into the word Kawaii to really understand the meaning behind it.
It's quite simple. Kawaii means cute or adorable in japanese.
So Kawaii Fashion translated means cute fashion.
The clothing style is inspired by the japanese pop culture. As many other styles too, which are included in
the Kawaii fashion 'genre' for example Lolita Fashion and Harajuku Fashion.

The style wasn't really popular in other countries at first. But after time more and more people were
interested in the new Fashion Style.
Therefore we wanted to create a store for those people who fell in love with Kawaii Fashion and want to
wear it themselves.
Convince yourself and become part of the Kawaii-Heaven-Crew!